Saturday, June 24, 2006

9 months

On the 21st, our little man turned 9 months old! He went in for his check-up and shots on the 22nd and now weighs 23 lbs and is in the 70th percentile for his height & weight. Everything looked okay, except I do need to take him to an ophthalmologist for his eyes. Originally they thought he had clogged tear ducts and now the doctor doesn't want to wait any longer for it to clear up on its own, in case it's something else. She would like to me to do that ASAP.


This past week, John and I (and the kids) packed up and went to visit my parents home in Kansas City. The main point of the trip was for John to help my dad put pavers around their pool, but it was also great for us to see them and help keep the bond between the kids and their Grandma & Grandpa. They put in a lot of sweat on the project and got a good portion of it done. Way to go guys!

On Father's Day we drove down to Witchita and surprised my Grandparents and visited with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins. It was a great time, but too short! Here's a picture of my Grandpa Q and Davis Q. So many people are confused about Davis's middle name being "Q".... But it is in honor of my Grandpa Quakenbush (there are no more family members on this side of the family to pass on the name) and it is also my dad's nickname (much easier than saying Quakenbush). I love it.

Maddy and Davis had a great time. They miss you Grandma and Grandpa!

Babies, babies and more babies!

I'm a bit behind in my bloggin', but there are lots of babies being born these days! Congratulations to:

Dan & Carrie G. for the birth of their beautiful girl Abby Anne G. (sorry, no pic to post!)

Jaime & Phil L. for the birth of their 3rd girl Georgia Grace on 6-14-06 @ 11:00am 8 lbs, 12 oz., 20 inches

Tim & Marcy S. for the birth of their 2nd boy Wyatt Timothy S.

I'm having problems posting pictures right now, so maybe I'll try later. Congratulations everyone....the babies are all so beautiful!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

To two....

of the greatest men in my life....Happy Father's Day!

JOHN-you are such an amazing father and Maddy & Davis are so blessed to call you dad. When I married you, I obviously knew that you would be a great father, but you far exceeded any & all expectations. I am continually amazed at how much you love our kids, how great you are with them and how strong your desire is to give them a wonderful life. Thank you for your commitment to being the best dad you can be; for giving our kids a solid Christian home and a dad who loves them unconditionally. These "fatherly qualities" you possess, which I cannot truly express in words, are not only incredible, but make me love & appreciate you more than ever. Happy Father's Day!

DAD-it's hard to write in just a few short sentences what you mean to me, but I will be forever grateful to the Lord for giving me someone as special as you. Thank you for truly showing me what it means to be passionate about your faith and for passing on an eternal inheritance. I will cherish so many, many wonderful memories and love you from the bottom of my heart. "I do! I do! I do!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bugs Bunny World

Well...I really hate to add a new entry since John surprised me with such sweet comments. I think I read it at least once a day. Thanks again babe. =)

This past weekend John had a company picnic at Magic Mountain, which included free tickets to the park. We ended up taking Madelyn with us and she was soooo excited to go, and to have mommy & daddy all to herself. After the company picnic, we spent a few hours at Bugs Bunny World with Maddy and took her on a few of the rides. Let me tell you...there is nothing better than watching your child experience things for the first time, especially something as fun as roller coasters! On one of the faster rides, she was so scared, but when it came to a halt, she said (with big eyes), "Wow..that was fun!" and daddy took her again. To this day, every single time we drive by MM, she yells, "Mommy...look...Magic Mountain!" and tells me the story of her exciting day. =)