Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Graduate.....

The past Tuesday, Maddy graduated from Grace Kids, the co-op Pre-School program we do through our church.  I can't believe it's over!  I think this graduation was just about as fun as some of the college ones I've been too, if not better.  It was short, there was entertainment, some great laughs and yummy dessert.  :)

Maddy was VERY excited to graduate and the kids created a life-size drawing of themselves that we used to decorate the room.  They sang some of the songs they learned, recited some verses, had little "interviews" and a slideshow.  Maddy was one of the kids that was "interviewed" and she did very, very well.  All the moms surprised their Grace Kid with a scrapbook of the year and Maddy looks at hers every day!  It was worth those 3 sleepless nights I spent doing it.... at the last possible moment.  Thanks procrastination!  :)  The only thing missing from this great night (besides Grandparents that live in another state...) was her daddy. He was gone for 10 days on a trip for work that took him to Dubai and Paris, but we took lots of pictures and videos for him.  :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rising Star

I'm so proud of my hubby that I just have to brag for a moment.  And unfortunately, I don't have much to show you but I had to post anyway....

John recently received a phone call from someone that wanted to interview him.  Unfortunately, he was at work and it was a bad time so they didn't get to talk.....and I don't think he was able to connect with the man again..... BUT, he found out that someone nominated him as a "Rising Star".....or an employee that's
 performing really well at his job and one to keep your eye on.  

From what I've gathered, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal puts it together and it's for the Santa Clarita Valley and several surrounding areas.  John never mentioned it again, but I found info on the internet about it.  He was 1 of about 50 nominees, and some of those others are very well known.  Needless to say, I'm so, SO proud of him!!   Here's a link to the flyer I found....