Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9 Months & Park Days

Emma turned 9 months on the 5th and we celebrated by taking her in for a doctor appointment! :) It was her lucky day and she didn't get any shots....only a finger prick, in which she gave the nurse a dirty look. LOL...

We've also gone to the park with Becky, Renelle and the kids a couple times. On one of the days, our special friend Kristal was in town and we had the pleasure of hanging out with her and her 2 adorable kids for a bit. Debra was there too but unfortunately she had already left when we took a picture. So good to see your Kristal!

When going through my pictures, I found some old ones of all of us and the kids. Lots have changed since then!

Davis pushin' his best buddy...

Renelle, Kristal holding Natalie, Me and Becky:
The Old Pics....at this time: Debra didn't have any kiddos (now has Annabelle & Ava), Kristal had just had Natalie (now also has a baby boy Landon!), I had Maddy & Davis, and Becky had Collin but was prego with Samantha (and now has another one...Lauren! Geez Becky, slow down! haha)!
Maddy holding Natalie:
Davis, Collin, Cole:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Myles of Style

So did anyone catch tonights episode of HGTV's "Myles of Style?" I didn't post in time, but our friends Sean & Kathy were on the show! I've been so excited to see it because I've been thinking about applying for her to come re-do our Master bedroom but just am not sure I can handle the TV cameras in my face and am nervous they would do something wacky. We have a couple other friends applying for different shows, so maybe I'll see how their stuff comes out first! =)

Anyhow, I recorded the show and waited until 11:30pm to watch it, only---OF COURSE----there was an error in the recording and it didn't get the last 10 minutes. AUGHH!!! But thank goodness for re-runs because it's on at 12:30 and again on Sunday, I think. Check it out! They re-did their Master Bedroom and it looks pretty cool!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What happens when you fall on one of these.......

Ok...so I just realized that these pictures don't look like much, but yesterday Davis was playing on daddy's spin bike and I kept telling him to get off. Of course, he slipped and fell and nailed his head right on the pedal. It was so sad! When he stood up, there was the perfect indent of the pedal right on this forehead. When you realize what it is, it's kinda funny!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Lake

So someone asked me a while back if I had anything to post about besides my kids. Umm....let me think about that for a sec...NOPE! LOL... I don't know if they were annoyed or just inquisitive, but none-the-less, this stay-at-home mom to 3 energy suckers 4 yrs and under doesn't have another wild life on the side, nor the energy/time to actually have one! I remember thinking I would NEVER, ever, ever be able to stay home more than 2 days in a row....and that was pushing it! Well I'll be dog-gone......I've turned a new leaf! I can do 3 days no problemo! (that's "no problem" for those of you who live in a city where English isn't the 2nd language). haha Plus, I don't remember how to have an adult conversation anymore, so I may be a bit of a bore anyway. I might start asking repetitive questions that begin and end with "Why?" Why?" "Why?" I could possibly jazz it up with a "What's that?" But then I'd follow it up with a "Why?" =)

Anyway, so this weekend our Sunday School class had a day at the Lake and we had a quick worship service, bbq'd, had lots of yummy junk food, good conversation and skiing/tubing! It was a perfectly beautiful day and there was a good turnout of families. There just happens to be quite a few sweet young girls in our class that were all fighting over holding Emma. It's pretty cute. I'm gonna have them all come over to my house and then they can fight over her all they want. All day long. No, really...I am. I don't think they'll notice if I slip out for a few hours or take a quick nap either! =) Now if could only get them to fight over the other 2, I may have a whole day to myself! Whoo Hoo!

I was only going to stay for about a hour and ended up staying the whole day. Emma gets an award for the best baby ever without a nap. She was a trooper! She did sneak in about 20 minutes right at the end of the day in Daddy's arms. Nothing like a nap in Daddy's arms, that's for sure. I won't ever forget falling asleep on my dad's arms riding in his truck..they were the best!

Here's a few pictures I took. I didn't take many, but the one's of Davis are pretty funny. And that's pretty much what he did all day. Remember how I told you he was sneaky, sneaky? I was a bad mommy and didn't really monitor (well, I sorta monitored but just didn't battle it out) all the junk he and Maddy ate. And did they ever. Cookies, cake, rice krispies, chips, chips and more chips. Oh..and a bite of hot dog for some protein. And soda. Mmmm......I'm a bit scared of taking them to the dentist! But, uh...next time I think I'll be a bit on top of things more since Maddy threw up in the evening after going to bed. Lots and lots of junk food + lots of sun on a 4 yr old=barfing in mommy and daddy's bed. Ahhhh...the joys of mommyhood! LOL.... Oh...and I didn't monitor too strickly (is that a word? why?) how much she drank before going nighty nighty in our bed and John & I both rolled over onto something very, very wet..... EEWWW!

Nice "background" ey? lol..
Handsome hubby holding sweet baby girl...

And here it is.... he was very quiet...a bit off to himself, while we were all listening to the service...
Oh..and notice his shirt? It says AWESOME with an arrow pointing up. LOL...love it! I'm surprised his daddy doesn't have one of those!