Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Gathering...

I recently just got back from visiting family for about 2 weeks and have had something going on every day since, so I've had little energy to update my blog.

My family got together to see each other, of course, but mostly to celebrate my Grandpa Q's 90th birthday! My Grandpa is an amazing man and awesome example of godly character. His body may be 90, but his mind is so sharp. He's still very witty and crackin' jokes a lot...and still has it in him to razz my dad. LOL..... Not to mention, he drives a pretty cool truck! We love you Grandpa and it was soooo great to see you and celebrate you! And everyone else of course! All the little cousins had SUCH a great time playing together and for there being 6 kids 9 and under, they did really well! Since we don't get to see each other much, we felt it was pretty special that the cousins got to play 2 times together in 1 year. It definitely helped reinforce a relationship and fun memories! Oh....and I had all 3 kids by myself on the plane ride home, but the kids did awesome!!

I have a TON of pictures, but since I'm not in too much of a bloggin' mood, I will post just a few favorites....

Friday, August 08, 2008

11 Months!

I couldn't bare to look at my blog because the snake pictures are SOO gross to me....they give me the creepies!! And I'm creeped out even more now b/c my neighbor 2 doors down found a snake in his backyard on Saturday! ECK! And at the bottom of our hill there is a boat storage place and they found 3 snakes in one day. AAAUUUGGHHH!!!! I'm packin' my bags and gettin' outta Dodge.

Ok, not really, but I am excited to post something different and not have to look those pictures anymore. :)

On a happier note...... Ms. Emma turned 11 months on Tuesday and is still darn cute, IMHO. For a month or two she's been taking 1-3 steps here-n-there, but has been really timid and unmotivated to walk much more than that. Makes it easier for me, that's for sure! But her big sister spent quite a while holding her hand and walking with her around the house 2 days ago and ever since then, Emma's figured out that walking isn't so bad after all and now she's getin' around pretty good. She's still wobbly, but it's amazing how much of a difference a day makes!

We leave early Tues morning to go visit my family in KC. My sister and her family will be driving down from Canada and we'll all get to hang out and just "be" for a bit over a week. I'm so excited to get away, get rejuvenated and see everyone! I'm also SO excited b/c John was coming for a few days too but I was going to have to fly with the kids by myself both ways. He surprised me and changed his flight so now we go there together. YEAH!!!! We're also getting together with my extended family for a grand ol' party to celebrate my special Grandpa Q's 90th Birthday! Can't wait! :)