Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rattlesnake Slim....

I can't believe I failed to mention that about a month ago my dear hubby saved my life!! And my sweet Daisy girl. :) LOL...well sort of anyway....

I was outside playing with the puppies & cleaning up some things and went to throw some trash away. Ol' faithful started barking and I didn't pay much attention to her, but then realized that she was barking at the sprinklers coming on. Silly Dog! But in about 2 seconds, I remember thinking that our sprinklers weren't on and it was either my neighbors sprinklers or something else. I peered over to the noise and FREAKED OUT when I saw a rattlesnake with it's rattle in the air giving us a warning! Daisy was definitely close enough for the snake to bite her, but she followed me as I bolted to the garage. I called for John and my strapping, strong man shot that bad boy good 'n dead. But I'm still freakd out! Everytime I hear the sound of sprinklers coming on, it reminds me of the sound of the rattle and even these pictures give me the heebie jeebies. I don't do snakes!! I'm definitely thankful it was me outside by the trash and not one of the kids though. And I'm most thankful for my little poochie and hubby. :)

All is good here on the homefront. Things are pretty much business as usual. Emma is sweet, quiet and smily and I'm enjoying this favorite age of mine; Davis is funny and charming and has his mamma pretty well wrapped around his finger; Maddy continues on with the terrible two's at 4 yrs of age, but always makes sure it's never a dull moment in the Long household! She's a great big sister and adores her baby sister!

The biggest thing for us is another job change! LOL..... I don't know if I ever updated my blog on the saga of John's work, but he prepared HARDOCRE for about a year for a job with law enforcement. It's what his heart really desires and I definitely support him. While he was waiting to hear fromt he Sherriff's dept, he interviewed with a commercial landscape company and an oil company. Things didn't work out and he was accepted into the Sherriff's Academy.

As things go, about the same time he started the academy, the landscape company called him back and offered him a position. It was a major, major decision, but my sweet man put his dream of being a Sherriff on the back burner and decided to take the position since it was local, regular hours w/not too much overtime and better pay. He really wants to make sure he's home to do things with the kids, coach when that time comes, etc. Anyhow, he took the job as Director of Operations and really started enjoying what he was doing and was able to work with several of his good friends. That was about 2 weeks after Emma was born.

Welllll...... 3 weeks ago the oil company that he had interviewed with called him back and offered him a job. They had fired the guy who John would have originally worked for and offered John that man's position..... Vice Pres of Operations! John was appy where he was at and originally turned it down. But, after thinking about it some more, this other company provided a greater future for him and seems to be on the brink of tremendous growth. So....John called them back and accepted the position! It was a happy/sad thing but we both felt the decision was right and he started on Monday. I'm SO proud of him!! Who would've thought he'd be a VP @ 29?!! :) As for what the company does, I couldn't tell ya cause it's SOOO over my head that I don't totally understand it. You can check it out at OH...and the great thing is that it's about 2 miles from our house!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Family of 5......

Wow....I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted. It's gone by quick! We've been busy playing with puppies and friends and just hangin' out. We've been to the beach, the pool and got to visit with one of my college roommates that I haven't seen in years! Her mom was there along with her 2 kids. So good to hang out with you Marcy!

For the 4th, we went with a bunch of people to the Rose Bowl. We don't go into the Bowl, but camp right outside @ the golf course and hang out all day eatin, talkin' and playin'. Then we enjoy the best show around and get home late. It's so fun! The fireworks are huge and loud and they're right by where we are. I think it's better than inside the Rose Bowl!

Emma turned 10 months yesterday, the 5th. She's pulling herself up on everything and doing the wabbling stand for a few seconds before she crashes. She's also getting her top 2 teeth for a total of soon-to-be 4 teeth.

John decided to have the ol' snip, snip surgery and so now we're stayin' a party of 5 in this house. Kinda sad and happy at the same time. No more surprises for us.....I think! Right? Right? Riiiggghhhtt????

Beach Day!

Rose Bowl!