Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country.....

So I grew up in a small town where agricultural things were the norm. Being surrounded by fields, farms, groves and such was just the way things were. I didn't give it a second thought about having horses, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats.... Or a garden of all sorts of flowers, every imaginable vegetable and trees that grew pecans, walnuts, lemons, oranges, cherries (hated picking them!), avocados (oh how I wish I would have liked them as a kid!), persimmons, kumquats, pistachios, and more! Most of my friends didn't have that, but it wasn't unusual to them that I did. The chores that came along with it kinda stunk (literally and figuratively....hahaha!), but I guess my sister and I were cheap labor....

I did think it was a bit different, and very cool, that my dad was a large animal vet who's clinic was on the same property as our house. It was a family business and I was exposed to so many awesome experiences. I loved it as a kid, but now I appreciate it so much and ache for my kids to know the life that I had and for them to see their Grandpa in action. It makes me sad that the experiences I had on a daily basis will only be stories that their crazy mama tells them. And that they will get tired of hearing. I hope to somehow let them experience a tiny bit of what is close to my heart.

So I now I live in a bigger town...not a city like LA is a city (YUCK!) but close enough to LA that life here is much different than the town I grew up in. In some ways it's so much better, but there is a part of me that will always be a "country" girl at heart.

All this to say that recently I stumbled upon a web site originally for photography tips, but I found a lady who I can relate to in a way that takes me back to the life I once knew and makes me miss it so much. I spent 2 days doing not much more than reading her web site and cracking up at all the funny things she says and totally just "getting it." I love her! I sorta turned "stockerish" for those 2 days because I could swear we'd be instant, good friends.... sipping coffee and talking non-stop swapping stories.... and I wanted to send her an e-mail to let her know, knowing that she'd be so excited to have found a new friend over the internet.....but then I realized that would probably be kinda creepy of me, so I've backed off a bit. But don't think I don't check out her site once a day! =)

Anyway, it's an awesome site and you should check it out to..... Her name is Ree and she's "The Pioneer Woman."

Did I mention that I love her site?!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Puppies are on the way!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


From our crazy Canadian family......

Maddy wanted me to post these:

The Many Faces Of......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Jumperoo

In the nursery at church, they have this "Jumperoo" thing (sorta like the Johnny Jumpers that fit over a doorway but it's stationary) that Davis used to LOVE and now Emma does too. At home, we have an exersaucer that she likes to play in, but she often gets confused and thinks it's suppose to bounce too. But it doesn't. But she tries. She tries really hard to make it bounce. !! (LOL...It's super funny in person and probably doesn't look that funny in this video, but neither are you.....Oops....did that slip out? I mean, but I know the grandparents will appreciate it). =)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Oops....accidentially posted this on my 366 blog instead of this one....

Maddy woke up today and the first thing she said to me was......" you know what day it is today!!!?" =) She said it like it was Christmas or something....

Monday, May 05, 2008

8 Months

Before Maddy walked into the room....

Emma is 8 months today and didn't feel like smiling very much for mommy.....and I didn't feel like taking too much time to get a good picture. She's been more serious lately than usual, but when her brother or sister walk in, she's all smiles! She has 2 bottom teeth, is crawling, although not too fast, and is pretty much sitting up. She doesn't have too much to say except a few funny noises and the occasional "mama." Maybe she'll be our quiet one!? I know she weighs about 17.5 lbs but her 8 month check up isn't until next month.

After Maddy walked into the room....

Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Blog

Thursday, May 01, 2008

My favorite pictures.....

My Little Ballerinas

So a bit over a week ago my little ballerina Emma came down with a teeny cough. Last Tues, in a matter of hours, her breathing began to change from normal to more labored. Of course, it was evening so I spoke to the on call pediatrician, who felt that since she had no other symptoms (she had no fever, was happy, eating okay, etc) she would be okay with a humidifier and some rest. The next morning, her breathing was even more labored and wheezy so I got her in to her doctor. I don't ever want to be one of those moms that over-reacts to every little thing and was hoping I wasn't wasting anyones time by taking her in. But the second her doctor walked in the room, she was alarmed at how bad she was, how low her oxygen levels were and started a little breathing treatment right away, gave her steroid shots, etc. Unfortunately the next day Emma was worse and, long story short, I spent 3 days in a row at my pediatricians office where the doctor spent 2 hours each day treating Emma before they would let her go home. On Thursday the doctor was going to admit Emma into the hospital but thankfully was able to stabilize her enough to be able to go home.

The doctor wanted me to continue the treatments every few hours at home and I was suppose to go to Oxnard for a Women's Retreat with my church. It was hard for me to leave, but thankfully John was with her and continued her treatments at home and when I returned she had improved SO much. I just returned from the doctor today for a re-check and am so excited to say that Emma's lungs are clear and sound 100% normal. YEAH! My pediatrician was awesome and told me that she really thought Emma was going to need to go to the hospital, but I'm praising the Lord that she didn't! It's so not fun to see someone so little struggle. Yeah for Emma!

So my other little ballerina Madelyn has been in Awana and just completed her first year. John teaches a group of jr. high boys and Maddy & Daddy go together on Monday nights. They just had a little "award ceremony" and are off for the summer.

Maddy also LOVES to dance and dress up and has been asking me to take her to a "Ballerina class." Her little ballet outfit is pretty much her daily uniform unless we are going out. A new dance studio opened up just down the street so I decided to take her in for a trial class to see how she did. (I had put her in a soccer class about a year ago and it didn't go so smoothly. I hated it!) She's been counting down the days and trying to be on her best behavior and today was the day. She LOVED it and smiled & giggled NON stop the whole time! It was adorable..... I don't know what part she loved the most (in addition to the huge mirrors so she could check herself out!), but it was a combo class that did ballet, tap and free dance. She won't stop asking me if she can go back tomorrow. =) Guess I have to take her back now.....

I'm also so so excited becuase I just found out that Maddy was accepted to our church's little co-op preschool program. Lately Maddy seems so much older to me and I've been thinking that I didn't want her to go to preschool 3 days a week. Huge shocker, I know!! I'm surprised at myself! I've been waiting for a little break from my strong-willed ballerina for a long time but as it was getting closer for her to go, it hit me just how short of a time she's at home with me before school starts. I was struggling with doing preschool vs not at all when I found out that Grace offers a co-op preschool 1 day a week. They accept only 25 students and the entire program is run by all the moms. We (the moms) each sign up for a job and do everything along with the students, except about 45 min during the lesson time, where we get to go off on our own and listen to a speaker or just talk. I'm in charge of the Welcome Table and don't really know what that involves, but will soon enough. Plus, once a month, they take the kids on a field trip. Should be fun... actually, I can't WAIT! It's at the church and they even offer nursery for the younger kids. And Maddy is so excited that it's something special for just the two of us without distractions from the other 2. She loves that attention! =)

My "other ballerina" Davis is doing well and becoming secure in his manhood by enjoying dressing up with his sister and trying to join her dance class, yet being SUCH a boy and getting plenty dirty outside & throwing rocks over to our neighbor's house. You'll have to check out the short video clip of him on my sisters blog in a petticoat skirt at the beach. When we were taking pictures, the photographer had brought the skirts (my favorite!) for the girls but Davis REALLY wanted to wear one and LOVED twirling around in it! was so funny (although John wasn't too happy about that!!)!

Happy Day!