Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I'm blessed to have an amazing dad of my own and a husband whose an incredible father to my kids. Happy Father's Day you two!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


gosh...i can't believe it's been a month since i've posted anything! we always keep busy doing things 'round here, but it's never anything too exciting to blog about. over the past month, i was busy with the puppies, who are now all gone and it's back to normal life for ol' daisy. i haven't deicded if i'm going to breed her in the will depend on when she comes into heat again, when she will be due, etc and how that all falls in line with my due date. but i already have a waiting list for her next litter, so there's some motivation!

the past 2 weeks we've been on vacation. we spent 2 days down at disneyland and then flew to kansas city to visit my family. we had a great time, of course, and the kids just loved spending time with grandma and grandpa. davis can't say grandma and grandpa so he says "ma ma" and "pa pa." it's pretty cute. so at this point, mommy (or mama), grandma and maddy all sound like "ma ma" or "mommy!" =) he's a man of few words compared to maddy at this age, but he's definitely trying to say more and understands a whole lot more than most people think! maddy seems so big now and i know both of the kids are going to seem it even more after baby #3 arrives. the past couple days i have been looking over pics from my parents house last year and it's amazing how much maddy has changed. she's potty trained, sleeps in her big girl bed with no guard rails, gets herself ready (and is very picky about things matching!), is really smart, etc. and it's great and sad at the same time to see how fast it goes! before i know it pre-school (maybe) and kindergarten will be here! =sigh= we'll no more time to reflect on anything too serious.....i've got lots of cleaning, laundry and unpacking to do, but here's a few pics from the past few weeks. love-julie