Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weekend Maddy and John had the fun opportunity to fly to my parents house for a quick visit.  Maddy got spoiled by Grandma while John and my dad went hunting for our Thanksgiving dinner.

That left me with the the fun chance to spend time with just Davis & Emma.  I was wondering how Davis would do without his partner in crime, but it was so neat to have a little bit more alone time with him and to see him in a different setting than the norm.  Maddy called Davis about 3 times because she missed him....they're little phone conversations were pretty cute!
  And Emma was a doll, even with about 4 teeth coming in at once!

And here's the man with a kiddy toilet seat stuck on his head and another one of "The great half-white hunter" & my dad with a couple of their prizes.....!!!     :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Little Bit of Random...

I love reading blogs but don't always have the energy or desire to keep mine up. If it wasn't for my family being far away, it would probably never get updated!

Sooo.... Miss Emma had her 1 yr checkup at the beginning of the month and is doing well. She's a lightweight compared to her siblings at this age and is just about to the point where she can have her car seat turned around (they have to be 1 yr AND a min of 20 lbs). I think Maddy was 20lbs at like 8 Anyway, she was 19 lbs and is in the 25% percentile for her weight and the 75% percentile for her height; so she's a long 'n lean string bean. She's fairly quiet and serious but has the normal 1 yr old selfish streak that comes out fairly often. But that girl can cuddle and it will melt away your blues....

Last week Maddy's preschool, Grace Kids, had a field trip to a pumpkin patch. We set to go to a really cool one in Simi Valley, but went to a local one instead due to the fires. Soo...the kids and I packed up and headed to Lombardi Ranch, where Maddy & Davis were given a little tour, got to see lots of farm animals and go on a little train ride. It was really windy and dusty, but the kids were given a free little pumpkin. I had my hands full with all 3, so we went back to Lombardi this weekend with our good friends and I was able to pick up some pumpkins of my own.

Life seems to stay pretty busy with kid stuff, a little photography and puppies. Chica is pregnant and due as early as Sunday. Pray for lots of healthy babies! John is crazy busy at work and amazes me at how he manages to do it all... help run a company, stay in shape, be a husband and daddy......all without loosing him sanity!

OH....2 funny stories... last Thursday I met my friend Renelle at the park and when I was leaving, found out a nice man (or woman) decided they needed to break into my car and steal my purse. I had a good amount of cash and gift cards in it, plus all my personal info of course. More annoying than anything. But the funny part is that 3 days later John received a phone call from a man who found my purse along the crazy 405. John met him yesterday to retrieve what was left and thinks they are running a little side job of returning stuff they find for a little reward money. My "stuff" was put into a very ugly little purse, plus a few extra things like someone elses's birth control. Ewww.... At least they could have kept my ugly, very, very old and dirty wallet.

The other funny story is that today at Grace Kids it was dress up day for "harvest" aka Halloween. We have another field trip next week, which is why it was today. I briefly read the e-mail to the moms reminding us to dress our kids and self up for harvest and we would have a little parade for an elderly Sunday School class at church. I got Maddy's halloween costume ready and woke her up early to get her dressed and ready to go. I didn't have anything specticular to wear, so I just put on one of my crazy wigs (an afro) and was ready to go. At church, I went along doing my thing, kind of noticing that everyone was dressed as cowboys or farmers. I thought....humm....guess they didn't want to put in the extra effort like I did with Maddy... " LOL...joke was on me. What I DIDN'T read in our reminder e-mail was that we were suppose to dress in HARVEST. So....Maddy and I were the ONLY one's not dressed that way. :) I was quite embarrassed ! We bring the spark. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I love sharing life with you J.K. Long....

Happy Anniversary!